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About Us

Rush Insurance Agency, houses experienced insurance agents who are licensed to provide personal and commercial lines of insurance. We take the time to find out the needs of the individual or their business, in order to cover the risk appropriately. We do our very best to make sure our clients save money without jeopardizing their assets. We utilize top notch policy management software in order to continually check the insured’s policy and make sure they are still taking advantage of a low premium amount. We remind clients when their premium installment is due and periodically check their policy to make sure it’s still active. In many cases, one must have insurance in order not to break the law; so we take extra measures to ensure our clients have peace of mind. This is the benefit of going through an insurance brokerage to fulfill your insurance needs. At Rush Insurance Agency, our agents plan for the unexpected while minimalizing your risk and protecting your assets; even when you’re in a Rush!